Learn Dutch through music by De Aardbevers

The language method of De Aardbevers is to use their songs (liedjes) for learning Dutch (Nederlands). Their method includes the original Dutch lyrics as subtitles in ANY other language with selected YouTube video’s of Aardbever performances. Using the automatic subtitle translation of YouTube anyone in the world can now learn Dutch from their own language. Why do we do this all for free you ask?
Simple. The Dutch language is too beautiful to be only understood by the Dutch 🙂

For more and latest video additions, check the Aardbever YouTube channel!

Tip: New video’s are first posted on our Instagram page, so go ahead and follow and feel free to comment and ask questions 🙂 Also, it provides a chance to practice without the subtitle temptation 😉 A selection of these video’s is later posted on YouTube with subtitles, added. So suggestions are welcome!

Below you’ll find more information on “how-to” and some examples of video’s with subtitles.

Video’s, lyrics and translations

“Dezelfde Maan” (The same moon) by De Aardbevers. Be sure to turn on the subtitles (ondertiteling)!
“Sprookjes” (Fairytales) by De Aardbevers.
“Kan niet willen wat ik wil” (Not want what I want) by De Aardbevers.
“Geef me liefde” (Give me Love) by De Aardbevers.